CFW 80 Liter Dehumidifier


The CFW 80L is easy to use and comes with strong wheels and a handle making it easily portable. It includes electronic controls with automatic intelligence defrost, auto-restart, operational timer, continuous drainage and a built-in water pump. It is effective at controlling moisture and preventing damp and condensation. Particularly suitable for use in industrial processes, construction, warehouses, electrical control rooms etc.

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Average Operating Consumption: 1450W
Moisture Removal at 27°C and 60% RH: 48L/24h
Moisture Removal at 32°C and 80% RH: 80L/24h
Operating Temp Range: 5°C to 35°C
Condensate Tank Capacity: Continuous drainage only
Typical Room Area: 120m²
Mass: 47kg
Dimensions: 705mm(H) x 500mm(W) x 455mm(D)

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