A Hot Sunny Day In Summer

Beat the Heat – Cheat Sheet

It is that time of year where we start seeing everybody’s car thermometer pics, and thanks to El Nino it looks like we’re in for a scorcher. If, like me, you’ve nestled down in between the frozen goodies in your chest freezer at least once, here are some energy efficient tips to keep the heat at bay.

1) Make your own cooling face mist with ingredients from your cupboards. My personal favourite (primarily because I’m lazy) is one made with green tea bags. Simply steep them in boiling water for 10 minutes, decant liquid into a spray bottle and stick in the fridge overnight. Green tea has long been known to get rid of anti-oxidants and reduce scars and blemishes on our skin, so not only are you keeping cool, you’re also giving your complexion a boost.

2) Another efficient quick-fix, because as you may have gathered I’m loathe to expend needless energy on anything, is placing a bowl of ice blocks in front of a fan. The air is cooled as it flows over the ice allowing for a refreshing breeze. This breeze results in evaporative cooling. Simply put, cool ice, makes cool air, makes cool human.

3) Whilst many of us know that we feel cooler if we put something cold on our pulse points, do we know the reason behind it? I, for one, never gave it much thought. A pulse point is in fact an area on your body where you can feel your pulse beating through an artery. These arteries are close to the surface, so by applying cold pressure to them, cooled blood then circulates through the body. So grab an ice block and hold it against your wrists and neck to feel instantly refreshed.

4) Eating spicy foods or indulging in a hot beverage is also another way to beat the heat. By introducing something warmer than our body temperatures, we increase our ability to perspire. Whilst sweat is generally something we try to avoid, it is nature’s way of cooling us down. When sweat evaporates, heat energy is absorbed into the air as part of the reaction, thereby cooling the body. In order for evaporation to take place, the air needs to be relatively dry. If you are in a humid area, you may as well pour the hot beverage over yourself for all the good it will do. (Cue dehumidifier pitch…)

5) BUY A DEHUMIDIFIER! I say this not because I’m paid to, but because as someone that knew next to nothing about them, I am astounded at the benefits they offer. Apart from drying the air so you can have a hot beverage in summer, they genuinely do allow you to feel more comfortable in your skin. When air is drier, our sweat evaporates quicker enhancing our cooling experience. Add to this, a decrease in how hard your air conditioner needs to work, and with our electricity costs every little bit helps!

6) Should all else fail, I have a relatively large chest freezer and will shuffle the frozen vegetables around to clear a spot for you…